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Intuitive Virtual Assistant Services for Women Entrepreneurs & Holistic Practitioners

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Merging standard support with a touch of intuition

With over two decades as an Office Manager and Executive Assistant, and another 5 years as a Virtual Assistant, I've seen the ins and outs of business support. But I believe in offering more than just traditional assistance. That's why I've crafted a service that combines my expertise with an intuitive approach. If you're a woman entrepreneur or holistic practitioner, I understand your journey. You're not just running a business; you're sharing a vision and passion.


My goal? To offer you tailored support that resonates with your unique path, ensuring every task aligns with your vision. Let's collaborate and elevate your operations.

Here's How I'm Committed to Supporting Your Business:

Visual Content Creation

  • Graphics: Craft eye-catching graphics that resonate with your brand for websites and social media. (Note: I focus on graphics, not social media content creation or management.)

  • Flyers: Design standout flyers for events, promotions, or info-sharing.

Basic Admin Support

  • Research: Conduct thorough online research tailored to your needs.

  • Client Onboarding: Smoothly integrate new clients with essential documents and tasks.

  • Workflow and Process Optimization:  Increase efficiency and productivity through optimized business processes and workflows. 

  • Website Content Maintenance:  Keep websites fresh and relevant with regular updates and content management. 

Tech Setup and Integration Services

  • Digital Tool Integration: Assist in setting up and integrating digital tools and software, streamlining business operations

  • CRM Assistance:  efficiently manage CRM Systems, ensuring client information is current and relationships are nurtured. 

Coaching and Personal Development

  • Personalized coaching sessions:  Tailored sessions blending practical business strategies with intuitive insights. 

  • Mindful Guided Imagery for Business Visioning: Sessions to help manifest business goals and enhance clarity. 

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