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Create Your Sacred Rawhide Drum and Drumstick

Join our Drum-Making Workshop to connect with the ancient heartbeat of life. The drum's beat, reminiscent of the first sound in the womb, links us to our inner selves, to others, the Creator, and Mother Earth.

In this workshop, you'll craft your own sacred rawhide drum and drumstick. It starts with a drum ceremony to open your heart and prepare you for creation. This ceremony helps you connect and become a clear channel for your creative energy.

Tying a drum
Tying an orange drum
decorating the drum hoop
punching holes for the drum

As you make your drum, you'll set intentions, connecting with the drum's spirit. This process is more than crafting; it's creating a healing tool that brings joy and serves generations. Each drum is a unique expression of your journey and a step towards personal growth and community connection.

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