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Rattles are one of the most ancient musical instruments and are used in almost all cultures to break up “stuck” energy, clear energy fields, and move energy.

Rattles are used by shamans and students of shamanism for healing and journey work to help the healer go into a trance state to connect with the spirit world. The repetitive sound of the rattle, like that of the drum, helps induce trance states. The shaking of rattles creates high-pitched frequencies that complement the low frequencies of drumbeats. Of course, they are also great rhythm instruments.

The rattles I make are made with intention, prayer, love, and purpose, all of the handles are found either on my property or by the river or spring, never cut from the tree, and they are made with a variety of animal hides which are either given to me and we have processed them ourselves or I have sourced from an ethically conscious supplier. I fill the rattles with different things like beans and corn, pebbles from an ant pile, pebbles from the river, and shells and crystals.

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