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The drumbeat is a powerful echo of the heartbeat we first heard in the womb, creating a profound connection with our own heart, the Creator, and those around us. This rhythmic bond fosters a deeper understanding of ourselves, strengthens our connection with others, and enhances our spiritual awareness.

Each drum I craft combines the spirit of the animal with the life force of the tree in its wooden ring. This ring, symbolizing the circle of life, carries the energy of its origins. Together, these elements create a drum that is more than an instrument – it's a tool for healing, expression, and spiritual connection.

These drums are used in ceremonies, prayer, and dance. They can clear energies, awaken emotions, lift spirits, and even aid in physical health by reducing stress and boosting the immune system.

When selecting your drum, think about your intentions. Do you want to connect with certain animal energies? What tone do you prefer? Smaller drums usually have a higher tone, while larger drums have a deeper sound.

The drums I make are crafted with intention, prayer, and love. The hides are sourced from ethical suppliers. Each drum is unique, just like the person it will belong to, serving not just as an instrument, but as a companion on your spiritual journey.


Buffalo medicine is about connecting with the divine, abundance, and manifestation.

Elk Medicine is about stamina, strength, nobility, pride, and community.

Deer medicine is about love, wisdom, intuition, gentleness, alertness, and clarity. 

Horse Medicine helps us to go deep in shamanic journey, it also helps us to be true to ourselves and reminds us to remain attentive and live in the present.

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