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Embracing the Dance of the Wise Woman

When I moved into my 50's I suddenly noticed that I felt like I was becoming invisible. My kids had left the nest, and I had started a job in SLC as an Office Manager which I had years of experience doing, I was working for a gal who was the same age as my oldest daughter, and an engineer who was much younger than me. I quickly noticed in this position that I was not valued anymore, that my opinions did not matter, that I was to become invisible, just do what I was told - it was almost like when I was a kid. I spent a couple of years there and finally quit.

I was feeling less than and lost - I felt like I had no purpose and was not sure what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. When my dad passed I realized that I needed to make a change, I had already started the process of becoming a Reiki Master Teacher. I started classes at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and started to move more into my purpose, into what I really wanted to do with my life, and have since found I do have a voice, and that I do matter. I am valued and I am enough just as I am.


I have been struggling with getting older, I turned 59 in February and had the sudden realization that I am moving into the elder stage of my life. But as I move into this stage of my life I can acknowledge, love, and fully accept this woman who may not have her shit together, who has lived many years, who loves deeply, has regrets, who lived with shame, and who allowed others to tell her what she wanted and took care of everyone else at the expense of herself, who has not loved herself, has been scared to step out and do what she wanted to do, had a hard time accepting herself, but who is smarter, stronger and ready to take on the later years of her life and do the things she wants to do fully embracing the wise woman within!

This process involves me accepting that I am getting older, embracing the changes my older body is going through, aging with grace, and learning what this stage of life looks like for me. And embodying the traits that I love about the "Wise Woman" (strength, power, the ability to speak up, knowing your truth, setting boundaries, not caring what others think, and helping others by sharing the wisdom learned from life).

One of my goals as I step into this exciting new phase of my life is to empower other women as they move through transitions. To help women to find their voice, find their light, find acceptance of themselves and others, and have connection and support in their journey.

I have created a Women’s Circle for women who are becoming empty nesters or who are empty nesters, who are transitioning into retirement, loss of a spouse, or going through other big transitions, who have felt like they have lost their voice or felt they never had a voice, and who feel they need a support system in embracing the "Wise Woman" within or who just want to find connection with other like-minded women.

There is so much healing power when women meet with intention. The healing that occurs when we feel seen, heard, and acknowledged is amazing!!

We meet bi-weekly to support one another via Zoom you can join through the link below.

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