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The Power of Women's Circles: Community, Connection, and Empowerment

The concept of Women's Circles isn't new. For centuries, women have gathered in circles to share, support, and uplift each other. These gatherings have been the heart of communities, offering a space for women to be heard and to draw strength from one another. Today, they're just as vital, providing a sanctuary away from the daily rush, a place where we can slow down and reconnect.

At the center of our circles is the drum, a powerful symbol of connection. The drumbeat mirrors the heartbeat, a sound we've known since we were in our mothers' wombs. It resonates with the heartbeat of Mother Earth, reminding us of our connection to the world around us.

The Women’s Full Moon Ceremonies and Drum Circles I facilitate are rooted in this sense of connection. In our busy lives, we often forget how much we need to connect – not just superficially, but deeply, soulfully. These gatherings are a time to celebrate, support, and simply be present with each other. They offer a pause, a chance to breathe, and to share in the joys and challenges of life.

The full moon is a special time in our circles. It's a natural point to reflect on what has passed and to prepare for what lies ahead. We use this time to express gratitude, to recognize our blessings, and to release what we no longer need.

Whether you're drawn to drumming or just seeking a sense of community, you are welcome. Each of us brings something unique to the circle, and every voice adds to our collective strength.

So, I invite you to join us. Let's share in the rhythm of the drum, find comfort in our shared experiences, and draw strength from our unity.

In the circle, we find our shared heartbeat.

If you are interested in joining one of the circles coming up, you can learn more HERE.

Big Love,


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