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Welcome to Lightning Ridge Healing Tools!

Picture of Tina

Hi! I'm Tina, the founder of Lightning Ridge Healing Tools. I'm happy to welcome you to a place where empowerment, healing, and community come together.

My purpose is to empower you through the healing rhythms of sacred drumming, intuitive guidance, and a compassionate community. 

As a Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner, Intuitive Coach, Mindfulness Facilitator, and Energy Worker, I offer a range of services and experiences designed to resonate with your journey. My sacred drum-making workshops, drum ceremonies, and women's circles are not just gatherings; they are spaces where healing, intuition, and community blend to foster personal growth and deep connections.

I am committed to offering you a space to discover and embrace your inner strength, cultivate your creativity and spirituality, and be part of a community that genuinely understands and supports your journey.


Thank you for considering Lightning Ridge Healing Tools as your partner on this empowering journey.

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